Green Thermal Energy-Eureka Approved Partner Programme

The Green Thermal Energy-Eureka (GTEE) Heat Recovery Systems Approved Partner Programme will provide regional refrigeration specifiers & installers with a specialist Eureka support service based around the Eureka Heat Recovery Systems range.

The GTEE programmes objectives are aligned with the Eureka approach in terms of delivering quality with the highest standards of product & system application. However considering that Heat Recovery Systems will be new to the majority of the target customers, the GTEE service is designed to assist the refrigeration specifier or contractor/installer in entering the natural refrigerant sector and establishing themselves as a provider of Heat Recovery Systems.

We understand that providing high quality Eureka equipment with the highest level of support service is the priority, this is why the GTEE Approved Partner Programme has been developed in order to provide the specifier or installer with the complete Heat Recovery Systems support service.
The GTEE Approved Partner Programme is split into 4 main elements each of which provides the specifier and/or installer with a range of specialist areas to support their business.

Best Practice CO2 Refrigeration

Green Thermal Energy-Eureka operates a best practice approach to equipment specification, system design and Heat Recovery System application. Therefore to promote this approach a training programme has been implemented which is geared towards providing the specifier/installer with the knowledge and resources to approach Heat Recovery Systems applications with confidence.

The best practice Eureka module is based around system design & equipment selection and is a practical approach to product training which provides Green Thermal Energy-Eureka partners with the necessary skills and competence to correctly specify and install the range of Heat Recovery Systems equipment.

This provides knowledge and practical experience that will assist them in developing their business and minimising any risk of misapplication or incorrect installation.

This training in association with the after sales team also provides specifiers & installers with specific knowledge relating to the Eureka range of equipment which will enable the specifier/system designer and installer to competently select the correct system.

Field Support

Training can also be provided at a site survey or project meeting, which allows the partner to gain information on a specific application led basis. This proves to be a very effective form of training allowing the partner to discuss the particular application on a one to one basis with the Green Thermal Energy-Eureka Applications Engineer.

In Company Sales and Technical

A flexible range of informal training modules are offered by GTEE, these training modules are suitable for either sales or technical personnel and can be tailored to match the demands and requirements of the partner.

Providing an extremely cost effective means of gaining Heat Recovery Systems information and knowledge, this programme can be delivered throughout the UK with timescales dependent on group size.

Partner Branded Website

Green Thermal Energy-Eureka offer a fully branded Heat Recovery Systems website which provides partners with a complete and fully functional method of delivering Heat Recovery Systems information to new and existing customers.

GTEE National Marketing

The Eureka brand is recognised as a leading and innovative manufacturer of commercial & industrial heat recovery products. As a result of this brand recognition partners benefit from the trusted and quality reputation that the mark carries.

Green Thermal Energy-Eureka places a great deal of importance on developing awareness of the application of Heat Recovery Systems. As such GTEE carry out a number of marketing initiatives on annual basis, therefore the partner can be assured they are working alongside a leading Heat Recovery Systems manufacturer that will provide support to both local and national marketing initiatives.

Sales / Product Support Literature

As would be expected a complete range of technical sales literature is provided to cover the various Heat Recovery Systems ranges. GTEE Partner branded technical data sheets are available covering the complete range of Heat Recovery Systems and ancillary equipment.

Direct Marketing / Exhibition Support

The GTEE Approved Partner Programme provides a range of cost effective and well thought out marketing support tools. The quality of the Eureka range of Heat Recovery Systems products and also the GTEE support services are emphasised within all initiatives, creating Heat Recovery Systems brand recognition and providing confidence in both the quality of equipment and also the associated support service.

Technical Support Desk

Technical and application support will be a critical element of the Green Thermal Energy-Eureka operation and is an area that is given the highest priority.

The dedicated team of Heat Recovery Systems specialists provides both telephone and field based support as required. The majority of questions asked by GTEE partners will be dealt with via our technical support desk, which is manned by experienced engineers who have hands on knowledge of both the equipment and applications. A GTEE partner will be sure that their enquiry or query will be dealt with as a priority until the correct solutions is highlighted and the situation is dealt with appropriately.

Field Based Technical Support

Green Thermal Energy  has many years of experience in providing service and technical support throughout the UK and Ireland. We have a team of experienced refrigeration technicians who are able to provide commissioning and maintenance support to either commercial or industrial equipment. In addition, our Heat Recovery Systems technical specialists are able to provide advice and are available to attend pre installation project meetings or subsequent site meetings as demanded by the particular application in order to ensure correct specification.

Factory Support

We are able to provide factory support for larger projects. This can be to facilitate either pre specification equipment consultations, progress meetings to confirm specification or pre delivery witness testing validation. Also we are able to provide our specification and application engineers to support client/project meetings where necessary throughout the UK.

Installer / Specifier Internet Based Partner Hub

GTEE  provides an award-wining partner hub format to all Approved Partners. The partner hub provides a complete access point for all application, specification, equipment and associated information. The hub provides partners with many standard technical and sales documents but importantly also providing them with application and specification tools to assist in producing quotations and/or specifications within commercial or industrial markets

Heat recovery system specification and installation made easy, with an extensive in-house support structure

  • Access to product and technical information
  • Direct contact to our in house dedicated technical and sales help desk
  • Direct access to Partner Marketing tools and support team
  • Latest News; company, product and industry
  • Latest product and technical document updates


The increasing demand for Heat Recovery System & for Low energy refrigeration systems can be viewed as an opportunity and the GTEE Eureka CPD provides an ideal way for the Partner to deliver up to date Heat Recovery Systems information to their customers in the most cost effective manner.

Delivering CPD material is an ideal way to communicate with potential clients, the CPD presentation is easy to deliver and is presented with a GTEE applications engineer in the first instance to give the partner an understanding of the CPD format.

Industry News

The Green Thermal Energy Eureka Heat Recovery Systems website incorporates a news section and blog which is updated regularly with any relevant industry information this delivers industry and Heat Recovery Systems updates to the partner and their organisation.

Practical Proven & Cost Reducing

The second time use of recycled energy is now recognised as being of higher benefit & value than energy produced from renewable means.

Why accept waste when valuable rejected cooling energy can be recycled & used again on site by installing a Eureka Heat Recycling system.

  • Food and Drink processing & production
  • Chemical & Petrochemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Plastics production & manufacturing
  • Building services & Facility management
  • Leisure, Hospitality and Hotels
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Universities and Colleges

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Recycle Waste Heat…

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