Eureka PTS and AG Systems installed at the Co-Op store in Witney

Highlights of data taken from 1st March through to 14th March 2006 – highlighting operation of the Eureka Heat Recovery Systems

1.Internal shop temperature averaged 21.1 degrees Celsius over this entire period. The store heating system was left on 24-7 and thermostats were set for a heating temperature of 21


2.Outside temperature during this time dipped as low as -2 and -3 for extended overnight periods. (The winter of 2006 was the coldest winter in ten years.)

3.The back-up heat pump coil operated on average , just 16.6% of total time measured.

3 Over door air curtains were also operated from the Eureka System and a continuous supply of hot water for wash down etc at 55 – 60 degrees was available.