Eureka PTS and AG Systems installed at the Co-Op store in Witney. Highlights of data taken from 1st March through to 14th March 2006 – highlighting operation of the Eureka Heat Recovery Systems. Internal shop temperature averaged 21.1 degrees Celsius over this entire period. The store heating system was left on 24-7 and thermostats were […]

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Food Processing Plant

A 144 kW Eureka PTE system parallel connected to a 10,000 litre hot water storage cylinder, capable of producing nearly 3,000 litres of hot water per hour


Eureka PTS and AG connected to a multipack compressor unit, to provide all heating and domestic hot water requirements for the Centra supermarket in Northern Ireland


All hot water requirements at this McDonalds restaurant are provided by the Eureka PTS

Practical Proven & Cost Reducing

The second time use of recycled energy is now recognised as being of higher benefit & value than energy produced from renewable means.

Why accept waste when valuable rejected cooling energy can be recycled & used again on site by installing a Eureka Heat Recycling system.

  • Food and Drink processing & production
  • Chemical & Petrochemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Plastics production & manufacturing
  • Building services & Facility management
  • Leisure, Hospitality and Hotels
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Universities and Colleges

Reduce Cost & Carbon

Sustainability with practical common sense engineering

Recycle Waste Heat…

The first place to look when considering energy savings

… 365 days per year, generated from your own use

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