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Turning waste heat into profit

Total waste heat available*
Run time
16 h/d
Run time, day/year
Condensing Temperature
48  c
Achievable Hot Water Temperature
55  c
Temperature Difference (Cold Water In @ 10 c)
45  c
Max Hot Water Production Per Day
Assume 80% Usage
Energy Price kWh
Energy Savings  per Year
Investment Including Installations
Return On Investment

Profit After Payback Per Year At Current Energy Prices


* case study based on actual 16kW installation. This is a relatively small installation. Installations can be any size from 4kW upwards – a typical large installation would be around 750kW.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint With Eureka Heat Recovery Systems

Based on using a 16kW Eureka Heat Exchanger for 13 h/d 330 d/y. Compared to other energy sources.