Eureka allows you to recycle waste thermal energy

Eureka has been at the forefront of Refrigeration Waste Heat Recycling for many years and provides a range of flexible systems to suit any application ranging from a single site restaurant through to a large scale manufacturing plant, these systems can be provided on either a retrofit or new installation basis.

With energy costs and carbon emissions becoming increasingly more relevant, Eureka enables a site operator to utilise on-site waste energy from refrigeration or cooling systems to deliver valuable and low carbon heat, providing direct and immediate cost savings.

Eureka’s unique integration method and control system enable the waste heat from refrigeration to be utilised on site to provide either heating or hot water outputs which can then operate alongside the existing heating boilers.

Based in Northern Germany the Eureka production plant is able to accommodate any combination of system with both standard and bespoke manufacturing capability.

Green Thermal Energy are Eurekas partner in the UK, providing design and specification support in order to ensure that each Eureka system meets stringent guidelines in terms of design, system integration and operation.

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Practical Proven & Cost Reducing

The second time use of recycled energy is now recognised as being of higher benefit & value than energy produced from renewable means.

Why accept waste when valuable rejected cooling energy can be recycled & used again on site by installing a Eureka Heat Recycling system.

  • Food and Drink processing & production
  • Chemical & Petrochemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Plastics production & manufacturing
  • Building services & Facility management
  • Leisure, Hospitality and Hotels
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Universities and Colleges

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